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Thursday, October 4, 2007

So...what now?

I'm quickly beginning to understand that the hardest part of writing is knowing where to start and keeping from writing what I don't want to write. It's much easier to stand on a soap box and rain down opinion without care than it is to stay totally or somewhat nonobjective. It would be nothing for the worst part of me to start preaching like a sweaty Baptist preacher on any given Sunday about who's not right and how non-wrong I think I am. I try my best to stifle my inner Bill O'Reilly every day. On the contrary, I think I do a pretty good job of it as I don't remember offending anyone in recent memory.

Oh, I know where to start now. I'm a hater. Yes. It's a fact. I LOVE everyone and everything...but the truth is, I'm still a hater. The difference between me and other haters though -- oh, wait...now where did I put that soap bo...oh, there it is! -- Where was I...? Oh, yes... The difference between me and 'em is that I try to reserve my hate for things that deserve it. Many haters hate out of jealousy. I hate out of frustration. Frustration born from the fact that I know - KNOW - we can do better. Do I hate 50 Cent because he's talentless? No. Do I hate 50 Cent because he knows he's talentless and still continues in his quest to get richer by doing that which he knows he sucks at? Yes. Do I hate the mortgage companies in general? No, for without them I wouldn't have been able to house my large family as comfortable as I am right now. Do I hate the mortgage companies for being greedy, slimy, bastards who rope you in with key lime pie then mush it in your face only after you've signed your very last sense of stability away? Absolutely.

My opinion on hate may not be totally disagreeable to most but the reason I'm going there now is because the one thing I do hate the most is nonobjective hate. Really, I do. Every day, I read the news and see people doing hateful things for the simple sake of doing it. No remorse for those they hurt. Ever since I was a kid, I've been overly emotional with regards to hate crimes, especially to those who've been hurt innocently...kidnapped or abused children, battered wives, unintended murder victims, fans who continue to buy those Now...That's What I Call Music compilations, etc. As my age rises, so does my sympathy meter. I'm not an emotional version of fly paper but I can barely read the news nowadays because of all the nonobjective hate which is reported. Most of it saddens me deeply. I know 'bad things' have been going on since the beginning of man but now that news is only a left mouse-click away, it only seems like an epidemic. It's not. What is is now is a mass overload of information where everything is 'news' but nothing is focused on more than two hours. At least, not the news that matters. I hate when that happens.

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