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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kandace Springs Eternal....

Kandace Springs @ Rockwood, NYC 8/19/2014
It is no secret that I love good music. It’s also no secret that I love good LIVE music. I also love meeting those artists who are responsible for making good live music possible. Last night, I met Kandace Springs after her performance at Rockwood Music Hall on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. I am rarely ever starstruck but to say I wasn't would only serve to do Ms. Springs a disservice. Her cover of Sam Smith’s "Stay With Me" is one of my favorites from the past year. It's wonderfully recorded and easily just as good or better than Sam's version.

As she stroked the ebony & ivory during her 30+ minute set, Kandace kept my complete attention as she performed "Stay" along with other covers and original material. Much to my surprise, she sounded exactly like her various recording. That is a beautiful thing to behold in music’s current state of refined digital production where even the most average of singers can be made to sound angelic. Her vocals are smooth, warm and soulfully unapologetic. Her stage presence is a mix of hip-hop, jazz, funk and soul but none of those styles overshadows the others. She blends all of those things together evenly to create a very solid live experience which I highly suggest you catch in an intimate setting. 

Prince once said in a Tavis Smiley interview, “I am music.” I disagree slightly with his opinion. I think music is an energy that some are able to channel easier than others; a language that some people are able to understand and translate better than most. Kandace seems to be one of those people. She gives music a reason to exist.

I must note that her version of 
Runnin' REALLY made my night. #JDILLA

Check out her latest single below and be on the hear-out for more. She's the truth. TRUST.

As always, thanks for reading...

~ Bigg Russ