Hip Hop is how I define myself. Hip Hop did not start in the late 70's. It started long ago, undefined, from several points around the globe culminating into what we now call Hip Hop. Hip Hop is a way, a feeling, a thought. This blog reflects my Hip Hop.

Thank you for paying attention.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10 Points

1. Why did Biggie and Common get sued for their performance names when there are so many Lil's and Yung's runnin' around? I'mma change my name to Lil Jay Chuck West One Allah Nasir. I just came up with that. Off the dome.

2. Really, fellas. It's time to pull the pants up and put some slack back in 'em. Cross Colors was better than this bullshit y'all are wearin'. Well...almost.

3. I'm not waiting for Lil Mo's comeback any longer. I haven't given up on Gina Thompson though.

4. Have you seen Denzel's new trailer for Book of Eli? He needs to come kick ass like that in Mt. Vernon!!

5. Speaking of Mt. Vernon, has anyone see the mayor yet?

6. Mayor Bloomberg is 'concerned' about 50 Cent's family day?! I'm a lot more 'concerned' about Bloomberg's 'family', if you catch my drift.

7. The past is the past. Leave it there.

8. Can someone walk to Junior's for me?

9. I'm challenging Joe Budden to a battle. I suck but it may get me just noticed enough to sign a reality tv show deal. I figured it be a lot easier than fathering 8 children.

10. Okay, I've given up on Gina Thompson. Someone let Xcape know I'm losing my patience...

Bigg Russ

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Losing faith...

That's me.

I can almost pinpoint the moment it happened. I hope I can put a stop to the slide before I sink too low. I often wonder if my love for humanity is to blame. I sincerely feel sorry for every child dealing with something horrible that's been done to them. I feel anger towards those who impose their will on others without care. I'm surely not perfect but I try my best to RESPECT everyone ... everyday. Why can't others? Why must winning translate into others losing? Can't we all win?!

Hoping that the rest of the world gets it just hurts so much. It's why I buried my head in comics and video games. It has always been better to watch the hero win then to deal with reality. I thought I was strong enough to deal with reality with my crutches...but now I'm not so sure.

Good. Evil. What really is the point after all?

It's driving me insane...

Bigg Russ

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A class all our own...

A few months back, some friends and I got together ... on Facebook, that is ... and started to ask, "Hey, aren't we supposed to be having a high school reunion soon?" Long story short, those of us asking were immediately promoted to reunion committee. We laughed, we toiled, we worried, we counted, we pleaded, we got dirty, we questioned our way into what we hoped would be a great, simplistic event where old friends could come together and catch up. What started out as a common 'in the cafeteria' type party soon turned into something much more grand. There now was a pre-reception, a BBQ (complete with wives, husbands, children & extended family members) and a joint-ventured, 'shoe & pumps' after party and birthday jump-up. There just so happened to be an annual jazz festival scheduled on the same day as the BBQ as well which fit right into any one's schedule.

Our one simple question somehow transformed into what should be considered the blueprint for producing an event out of love for one another. The children of a community scattered, came back together for a weekend of love, laughs, tears, music, dance, food, drink and all around joy. Expressing the fact that the community needed this weekend of reminiscing is an understatement. For most of us, the past represents ease and good times. We couldn't wait to escape those walls of learning so that we could be our own bosses. The fact is, many of us now long for those days again when adult responsibility didn't seem so near. The present is unstable but we're all learning to balance as best we can. The future is uncertain... but it is certainly coming and I surely want to see my fellow classmates again very soon. We need to continue to show our children what it means to come together under one banner without negativity and drama. They need to see it and we must do what's right by them or everything we've done is for nothing.

Do me a favor. If you're reading this, smile. Then think about those of us who couldn't attend, especially those who were taken from us too soon. Let 'em know how much you miss them.

Peace, love, happiness and blessings to the Mount Vernon High School Class of 1989.

Bigg Russ