Hip Hop is how I define myself. Hip Hop did not start in the late 70's. It started long ago, undefined, from several points around the globe culminating into what we now call Hip Hop. Hip Hop is a way, a feeling, a thought. This blog reflects my Hip Hop.

Thank you for paying attention.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

10 For Thursday.

1. "This Is It!!", huh? Please. It was that then. 'You' just weren't paying attention and too interested in dragging him down.

2. Now that I've seen the BET Hip Hop Awards, I actually LOVE the VH1 Hip Hop Honors!!*

3. Brian Smith, I really hate you for bring Ugg Boots to America. No, really... I hate you for it. Not only do you have our women looking like idiots, you're giving Eskimos a bad name. And they had nothing to do with it!

4. It's okay, Derek Luke. Don't feel bad. NBC doesn't know a good TV show when they own it. Surface, anyone? Nor do they know when to shut one down when it's past its prime. ER, everyone?

5. I'm rollin' with the Knicks and the Knuggets. That's how it is. That's how it's 'gone be. Kgot it?! Kgood!!

6. H1N1. Humans: 0

7. 50, remember those Jay-Z retirement rumors? You should make that a reality. And I'm not talking about a show either. Wait...scratch that. Keep doing what you're doing. You're making me realize what's good in hip hop. Thanks.

8. I-95 between The Bronx and Philadelphia is gonna be the most trash talkin'est piece of road this side of I-95 between The Bronx and Boston!!

8a. I swear, Girardi, if you screw this up..... &##@#%*#(^$@#@!!!!

10. Funny meter: Afro-Steve Harvey>>>>>> Bald-Steve Harvey.
Smart meter: Bald-Steve Harvey>>>>>> Afro-Steve Harvey

*BET should just produce a weekly show called The Cypher and spare us the other crap.