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Thank you for paying attention.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008



The follow-through...

Regardless of the outcome, after we've all voted and reminded our friends and enemies to vote, and worn buttons, and placed bumper stickers, and flooded Pennsylvanians and Floridians with phone calls, and planted yard signs, and e-mailed to death, and debated over debates, and laughed with SNL, and blogged, and have become mesmerized by Zoe Kravitz, and have used the words maverick and change more than we ever thought we would...we still have to DO THINGS as a country. One man can make a difference. But it takes a nation of millions to facilitate real change.

I thank everyone who's voted. It's an important act. But I'm also asking that you don't stop at the polls and expect good things to fall into your laps. We, all of us, must participate together for change and a better tomorrow. Let's follow-through so that the next president, eight years from now, has a hard act to follow...

One love.

Bigg Russ