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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A heavy continuance.

I had thought of starting my blog light. Ya know...something about A-Rod deserving the MVP award, the return of Q-Tip, or how best to make oxtail. But I can't do that. That would immediately undermine the reason why I started this thing in the first place. I just thought it would be best to bring further attention to the situation happening in Myanmar. Why? Because the death of a Japanese reporter - caught on camera - is something that simply shouldn't happen.

How can something that started so peacefully from monks just, ya know... sitting down suddenly blow up like Violet Beauregarde? It's gotten so bad, even John Rambo is getting death threats. I'm not going to voice my opinion further than I feel that killing innocents is wrong (DUH!!). I just think we should pay more attention to that side of the world.

Remember that kid in class that got picked on for years, then decided to do something about it by becoming a cop, joining Bally's or becoming your wife's gynecologist? This is what's happening over there. Asia is mad as hell...and it's not taking it any more!!

Believing that we are 'safe' and what happens over there doesn't affect us is unrealistic. Eventually, all things around the world spill over everwhere else. Sure, these particular events might not affect your daily so & so's. It will, however, affect our long term events...taxes, shifts in political power & foreign policy, Beyonce concert cancellations, etc.


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