Hip Hop is how I define myself. Hip Hop did not start in the late 70's. It started long ago, undefined, from several points around the globe culminating into what we now call Hip Hop. Hip Hop is a way, a feeling, a thought. This blog reflects my Hip Hop.

Thank you for paying attention.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

O.J. is off the streets!!!


Whoo hoo! You got 'em, boys! I will rest SO much easier now know that this 61 year old man has been removed from society! I'm extremely elated knowing that my tax dollars went to imprisoning a man who, in all honesty, only wanted his stuff back so that he could pay for the other crime he didn't commit. It made so much more sense to chase O.J. instead of true hard working citizens who contribute so much to our great nation. You know...pedophiles, drug dealers, wholesale mortgage brokers, Republicans...

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