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Friday, August 8, 2008

Denzel gives Mt. Vernon sports $100G

He's good looking, owns Oscars AND he cares!!

According to lohud.com, Denzel Washington, former Mt. Vernon, NY resident, has pledged $100,000 to the Mt. Vernon Save Our Sports initiative. In case you were not aware, Mt. Vernon has lost its funding for sports in the school system. Several fund raising campaigns have begun all over the city and parts of Westchester County to help jump start the sports program again. Mt. Vernon's scholastic sports program is legendary, especially Mt. Vernon High School's basketball team, The Knights. The Knights hold several state and federation titles so this decision comes as a major blow to a program that has sent several players to college via scholarships and more than a few players to the NBA. Ben Gordon, the most recent Mt. Vernon H.S. graduate to be drafted into the NBA is currently the Chicago Bulls' leading scorer. Denzel's contribution will most likely be done via Ben's New Life Foundation.

Denzel is a big supporter of local Mt. Vernon establishments, most notably the Boys & Girls Club which he credits for keeping him on the straight and narrow. I'm VERY glad that he's decided to give again but I would also hope that current Mt. Vernon residents decide to contribute as well. These are our children that need a sports program.

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