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Friday, March 28, 2008

A mother and son reunited!

Tiffany and Kobe...great together. (photo taken before the abduction)

PLEASE take the time out to read this story about a mother who NEVER gave up searching for her kidnapped son. It's just the kind of story we need to read more of in this time of illegal wars, unnecessary killing of monks and nuns, 'racist' clergyman, horny politicians, jailed rappers, steroid enhanced athletes and busted economies.

I absolutely LOVE children. I absolutely love RESPONSIBLE parents too. The bravery put forth by Tiffany Rubin in finding her missing child is ripe for recognition and praise. I wish more parents would love their children like Tiffany Rubin. We'd be living in a joyous place.

I believe that.


Anonymous said...

I wish somebody would give her money to get her teeth done.

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