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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

There is a threat looming. A threat greater than any WMD could pose toward this great nation. That threat is...a pro-longed writers strike! Wait...why are you rolling your eyes? Do you not see how detrimental this can be towards the very fabric which holds us together?! Sure, there have been other strikes that have quaked the very foundation for which this country is laid. For instance, there was the Great NBA strike of '98-'99. We haven't been able to rid ourselves of the perennial Spurs *ahem* 'dynasty' talk since. Let us also not forget about the 2005 NYC Transit Strike. This set our beloved local businesses back billions of dollars! Lord knows they were only going to give part of that money back to the good people of NYC anyway! How could TWU Local 100 have done that to us?! Just breaks my heart...

I'm all for getting up, standing up for your rights...but this writers thing cannot continue for too much longer. There are particular inalienable rights this blogger cannot live without. One of those rights being the one where I get to veg out on my favorite TV shows!! How will I be able to function w/o my weekly dose of Heroes, Desperate Housewives and Prison Break? Huh?!

Yeah...sounds frightening, doesn't it? Do you know what happens to Bigg Russ when his shows are interrupted. I get angry. And trust me...you wouldn't like me when I'm angry. I am a fair man though and I'll accept a trade. If the Hollywood suits and writers agree upon a contract a.s.a.p., I will do everything in my power to make sure that the following list of people & groups go on strike and never come off.

  • Ghostwriters for rap artists. Seriously. You guys are actually getting worse than the artists you guys are writing for!
  • Uwe Boll. Just watch one of the films he's directed. ANY of the films he's directed and you'll understand why I've listed him here. I can't even bring myself to comment any further.
  • EA’s NBA Live development team. '95 is long over...and so is this series. 2KSports has buried 'em.
  • Reality TV producers. Ironically, these guys are looking to get
  • George Bush, Jr. Hell, I don't 'scriminate. His entire administration needs to take a well deserved rest.
  • People who name products beginning with “i”.
  • The San Antonio Spurs. Really, they can stop now. They're level of boring is unlike anything ever seen in professional basketball.
Yeah, I could list a bunch more but I'll let it go. For now.

TV programming isn't the most important thing in the world...but when I'm waiting to find out who Sylar's going to eat next or if Carlos and Gabby are truly going to be together again, we can't have interruptions such as this.

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