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Monday, November 19, 2007

The B.M.A.'s!! (Boring Music Awards)

I'm not an, "OMG!! The [INSERT NAME HERE] Awards are on! WHOO HOO!!!" I do like to view whichever I catch on though, mainly for the performances. I could care less who 'wins' as it's all relative, generally speaking. I live and breath for (good) rap music but I sincerely love all music and can listen to just about anything. Anything 'cept polka and Gwar. They just suck.

That being said, it hurt real bad having to sit through the American Music Awards last night. My heart goes out to Mr. West for the loss of his mom but I really wished he had opened the show as originally planned. The opening trio of Fergie, Will.I.Am and Nicole Sherizengerenaegger was simply boring. They picked the wrong songs to open a show. Of course, this is just my opinion...but a 'big night' is supposed to start off with a 'big bang', writers strike be damned. You're performers. PERFORM.

Had it not been for Chris Brown's saving the day during the middle of the show with his lighter than air dance moves, I would've just pulled the plug on the entire ceremony. The showstopper though was Alicia Keys' performance with Junior "One Blood" Reid, Chaka Demus & Pliers and Beenie Man! It was so unexpected that I could barely sing along as my mouth hit the floor. Dancehall ... @ the AMA's? CLASSIC. What's funny is, the best performance leading up to theirs was Jimmy Kimmel ft. Souljah Boy.

I barely remember the other performances or who won. Oh yeah, Carrie Underwood had the most or something. Daughtry won a pair. I see a trend here. Damn, Clive...you're good. Real good.

Also, Queen Latifah blew me away. She sang something from her latest album, Traveling Light. Thinking of Q.L. as a good singer is one thing but thinking of her as a good singer who once rapped Ladies First, U.N.I.T.Y. & Buddy (remix) just brings it all into a new perspective. You go, Queen La.!! I ain't payin' to see you in concert though ESPECIALLY at them prices. If you sing AND rap as an encore, then you might get my money. Monie Love would have to do her part on Ladies First though. Where she at?!

Anyway, if video killed the radio star, then studio artists have killed stage performances. Honorable mention to Joe Jonas for falling and bouncing right back up. Watching it on video is one thing. Seeing it live was awesome!!

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