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Friday, November 9, 2007

I'ma get on this TV mama...

As a once non and current Kanye West fan, I want to personally give my condolences to him and his family for his recent loss. I often think about how I would handle a major loss like Kanye's. What I don't think about is how I would feel if I were on top of the world like Kanye and then had to deal with something like this. It's gotta be indescribable. I can only assume no song or phrase or chorus or video could possibly express the hurt of losing someone so integral to your being...from birth to worldwide status.

This particular story is important to me because Kanye's father wasn't around for his ascension. One thing I will always be is around for my children. Not because one of them might be famous and rich. But because it's simply important for men to be around to raise their children. Sure, one can argue that had Kanye's pops been around he may not have become the man he is but who's to say, really? It's a shame we'll never find out.

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