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Friday, September 11, 2009

If I were granted one wish to change any day in history...

My wish is not full of American pride, although that does reside somewhere within the pain I feel every time I think about that day. My wish consists of many parts. The part most important: the wish for a stronger humanitarian effort, which I feel should reside within everyone.

My wish consists of words and prayer for those who died.

My wish consists of words and prayer for those who died ... and are still living among us.

My wish consists of words and prayer for those who are alive ... and won't get a chance to live pre-tragedy. Remember how tough we thought life was? I'm frightened for all our children.

Amazing as it may sound, considering my proximity to the situation, I didn't personally know anyone who died that day. I do know a few people who where there, at that moment, either in one of the towers or on the street, and were able to get away. The changes I saw in them, whether good or bad, were remarkable to behold. I often wonder if the changes I saw in them were reflective in nature. Did I begin to sound like that? Did I begin to look like that? Did I begin to treat people differently because of...? Did I change that much too? Or was I going to become the person I am today regardless?

I wish I could make a wish and see for myself.

As usual, thanks for reading....

Bigg Russ

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