Hip Hop is how I define myself. Hip Hop did not start in the late 70's. It started long ago, undefined, from several points around the globe culminating into what we now call Hip Hop. Hip Hop is a way, a feeling, a thought. This blog reflects my Hip Hop.

Thank you for paying attention.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Good riddance...

2007 sucked. Plain and simple. It personally one of the worst years I've ever experienced. I'm glad to see it gone. That being said, I AM thankful that the Creator saw fit to have me experience it all though. As bad as it was, it would've been worse had I not been here at all. Experience, good or bad, is experience...and should be had by all.

I want to say God bless to everyone I know and love who's gone through the crap like my family and I have. This past year hasn't been good for many of us but we ARE HERE and will continue to survive as best we can. We have to.

Until next year, one love...

Bigg Russ


mobb2 said...

hey russ, b4 u talk about a bad
year I think my bizness like the
muzic biz had a bad year, however
I will not complain. I still have
2 years left on my lease for my location plus 3 on my stamp machine. which meanz i have 2 make
the best of a bad situation. Only thing I can do is increase my advertising, diversify my product line, and hope no more banks call it quitz. Even after that who knows how profitable a year it will
be? The only thing I have in my favor is that I am a marketing geniuz in da mortgage bizness.

Anonymous said...

Here here! 2007 blew chunks for me and mine also.

wylisa said...

2008 will be a better year

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