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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good riddance!

I'll keep this one short and sweet. For 2010, I'm saying good riddance to:

1, The Aughties in general. I've been looking back over the last ten years. They sucked. Outside of the birth of my daughter, I don't really have a personal moment that felt anywhere near as good. I really, really, REEEEALLY miss the 90's.

2. "I know that's right!!" Please?! I'm begging ALL the women of the world to STOP saying that when you agree with something. What's wrong with saying, "You know what? I strongly agree with what your saying! You couldn't be more on point!" See how simple that is?

3. Swag (and every reference or form of the word). Too many people claim to have it when only about 5% of the world's population possesses it. I know. I've done a study. We had this same problem with "player hater" too.

4. Blindly supporting Barack Obama because he's 'Black'. Seriously speaking, he could've been purple or burnt sienna and we would've voted for him at that point in American history. Yes, his being a non-traditional looking President is a welcome thing...but it doesn't make him a super man by any means.

5. Rap music. AKA hip pop. Yeah, I said it. I'm done. I'll continue to support HIP HOP to the fullest. But not hip pop. It's not fly. It's not fresh. I'm not with it, yo.

6. Reality TV. We need to ban together and stop it all. Jon, Kate, those damn White House party crashers, the balloon parents, Charlie Sheen... ALL of it!! As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to record my crusade and sell it to a network!

7. Laziness, poor planning and unpreparedness. This could be three but they all go hand-in-hand, in my opinion.

8. Bad spades partners. Sorry, Firan. Stick to sound engineering, brother! I mean that from the heart! One love!

9. Doing for others who don't appreciate it.

10. .....................

I'm leaving the 10th open for the Knicks. Their season isn't over yet.

Happy New Year, everyone!

One love...

Bigg Russ

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