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Friday, June 26, 2009





Then again, I'm not sure if that even describes to the fullest extent. It is by far the closest my small mind can come to labeling him.

No words I put here will have the ability to convey to you how I feel at this moment. I'm typing through tears...

Mos Def suggests we're living life in marvelous times. Up until the evening of 6-25-09, I would have said times were just great. Now I understand just how less marvelous the world has become.

As a lover of all forms of music, no other solo performer, during my lifetime, has had the level of impact upon my listening habits.

I sincerely love and miss 'every' version of Michael Jackson ... from ABC to Rock My World.

In life, I couldn't believe my eyes and ears.

In death, my disbelief has grown tenfold.

I pray for his fans and non-fans alike. We were better with than without.

R.I.P., M.J.

One love.

Bigg Russ

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Gillian said...

I feel the same.

As soon as I came out of the subway on Flatbush Ave I heard Michael Jackson out of a car at full blast and kept hearing him out of windows and stores. A guy at the bodega said that the internet is down because of the news. At first I couldn't even take it in and as we all played his music all day and all night it sunk in how massive this is. I don't have a memory without him in our culture. He was a child prodigy that lead a brilliant and tragic life. And now he's gone and we're left with love for him. Like you said, I pray for his fans and non-fans alike. We were better with than without.